The GinoBot Kickstarter campaign is now live. | Source: Engino

If you’ve got a kid who loves to tinker and build things at home, help them broaden their mind and sharpen their STEM skills with the GinoBot as the DIY robot heads to Kickstarter.

Recommended for kids ages 6 and up, the GinoBot from Engino is a buildable robot that helps teach concepts of programming, coding, and engineering in a hands-on way.

Kids can use the included parts to build vehicular robots in different forms and then use their built-in sensors to program them to follow paths, avoid obstacles, and solve mazes. There is a remote control app that kids can use to control their robot in real-time from a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a phone, based on their preferences. Builders can customize the robots in many different ways, such as adding crane and forklift attachments or swapping the tires with tracks to completely change how their robot looks and how it handles its terrain.

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The GinoBot features different levels of programming, from manually pushing buttons on a device to record a sequence of commands to take control of the robot virtually using block-based programming in the app. Users can also use the app to control the GinoBot’s LED lights and to play musical tones.

Interested parties can participate in the first level of the Kickstarter campaign by pledging a minimum of $89 to receive a basic GinoBot set for 40% off the future retail price. Backing the project will act as a preorder with an estimated delivery date of February. Click here for more information.