Your kids’ video gaming experience just evolved! Kids who love the animated series and book Gigantosaurus now have the chance to explore the dino-filled world themselves with a new video game.

Outright Games, Cyber Group Studios, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe, and Wildsphere Studios teamed up to launch Gigantosaurus: The Game — the first video game based on the family-favorite show Gigantosaurus. The series premiered on January 18, 2019, on Disney Channel as part of the Disney Junior block.

In the video game, the dinosaurs explore, race, and, of course, save the world. While the characters may be prehistoric, the content and graphics are modern, colorful, and cute. Fans of Disney movies Dinosaur (2000) and Disney Pixar The Good Dinosaur (2015) may see some graphic similarities, too.


This Disney tale features characters Rocky, Tiny, Mazu, and Bill. Each character has special in-game abilities to help navigate lava, meteors, and the ice age — to name a few dino disasters. Kids will use their skills to solve various challenges throughout the game. For example, one of the adventures is to find all the dinosaur eggs that fell out of their nests when the meteor blocked the volcano and caused an earthquake. Once you find each egg, you have to put them back in each nest where they belong. These challenges are fun, but also work on strategy and problem-solving skills, which parents will appreciate.GigantosaurusThere are two levels of gameplay — easy and regular. The easy level of play provides more guidance in the quests, which is great for younger kids (or parents like this reviewer) who need some clues on which buttons to push or which direction to go.

Kids can play the Gigantosaurus video game solo and switch between characters during gameplay. Plus, if you’ve got multiple kids in the house, they can play together and go on co-op adventures, in which each player selects a different character. However you play, Gigantosaurus features adventures and racing on four different platforms — PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, or PC Digital.

Some in-game features to note are fun elements such as blades of grass slides, racing logs and cars, finding items like bouncy flowers, and, of course, getting collectibles. Plus, the characters are so cute that it is no wonder there are plushies and collectible figures from Jakks Pacific to support the entire line of Gigantosaurus books, videos, and the TV series.

While this parent reviewer enjoyed playing the game, a 7-year old girl and a 10-year old boy also enjoyed the gameplay — a fact that supports the “Everyone” rating. One kid reviewer loved the racing element , along with the ability to race in a pink car with sparkles for the exhaust. The other kid reviewer especially loved the challenge with the bee swarms and trying to “stay alive.” There is something for kids of every gaming ability to enjoy throughout the game, making it fun for everyone.

All in all, Gigantosaurus is dino-mite for ultimate family enjoyment.