‘Gigantosaurus’ | Source: Disney Junior

Get in the Valentine’s Day spirit with some dino-mite episodes of Disney Junior’s Gigantosaurus.

Gigantosaurus is an animated series about young dinosaurs who go on quests to explore their world, facing their fears, working together to solve problems, and learning more about the Big Guy — the mysterious Gigantosaurus himself. The series also showcases real dinosaur species and realistically rendered flora and fauna that are true to the time period.

The “I Heart Giganto” episode will premiere on Monday, Feb. 8, to celebrate a little something called Togetherness Day in Cretacia. Tiny tries to get Giganto to join her and her friends in some activities to show how much they care, but Giganto is more interested in watching heart-shaped clouds. Tiny tries using Giganto’s favorite shape to lure him into flying kites, swimming at the lake, and having a moss picnic, but nothing seems to work, and Tiny thinks that maybe Giganto doesn’t care about them. When Tiny and her friends run into trouble with some scorpions, Tiny realizes that protecting them is how Giganto shows he cares.

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Gigantosaurus fans can also tune into the “Guardians of the Herds” episode, in which the little dinos discover that Trey and Hegan have started a dino protection service in Cretacia, called Guardians of the Herds. Rocky is more interested in the heroic dino-saving stuff, and less interested in the preventing-danger-from-actually-happening part of the job. When Rocky doesn’t do his job properly, he causes some real Giganto-sized danger to Cretacia — but can he stop it?

Families can check out the Gigantosaurus series on Disney Junior.