Giddy Buggy Bowling Set | Source: Melissa and Doug/the Toy Insider

If you are looking for a fun toy that kids can play with anytime or anywhere, then you’ll be bowled over with the Giddy Buggy Bowling Set from Melissa and Doug.

With six smiling pins and a red ball with kid-friendly grips, kids can use these 8-inch, multicolored bowling pins both inside and outside. They are great for rainy day play or a sunshine-filled day! Parents will appreciate that the heavy-duty plastic holds up to rough and tumble play.

Kids ages 2 and up will love the endless entertainment, but with its iconic play pattern, older kids (and even adults) will love playing with these bowling pins, so they’re perfect to set them up at a backyard barbeque. At an affordable price point, families can get two sets for realistic bowling for more senior players!

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While kids have fun frolicking, the simple gameplay reaps a lot of developmental benefits. As kids bowl, they are working on hand-eye coordination, strategy, agility, and counting skills. Yet, with some additional adjustments, kids can play with the set in other ways.

Using painter’s tape, add numbers to the bottom of the pins. As kids bowl, have them add, subtract or multiply the numbers on the fallen pins. They can’t bowl again until they get the answer! Alternatively, line up the pins on a wall, and kids can target the pins using water or foam blasters to see if they aim true. Parents can also line up the pins in a random pattern for kids to try to throw and connect with the pin — or they can ride their scooters or bikes through an obstacle course. Some kids may even like to use their remote control car to knock the pins over!

There are a lot of fun ways to play with the Melissa and Doug Giddy Buddy Bowling Set. The only limit is your imagination!