Get The Scoop On Back To School Accessories and Educational Toys

Kids are officially back to school!

Earlier this week The Toy Insider Mom, Laurie Schacht visited ABC News to give them a peek at some of the school gear kids will love as well as some educational toys that will keep them thinking. And the best part? They are all for less than $25!

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Penguin Young Readers (Penguin Books)
These books are part of a wonderful collection that help children learn and love to read.
Penguin early reader books are offered in a variety of fun and loveable preschool character including- “Butterfly Girl, “Skippy Jon Jones”, “Corduroy” & more.

MSRP: $16.99 each for the books; $9.99 each for plush
Ages: 2+

I Spy Ready to Read Game (Briarpatch)
I Spy is celebrating 100 years this year!
Get ready to read! Develops verbal, pre-reading skills and letter, shape and pattern recognition.
This game enhances observation and spotting skills; teaches rhyming and strengthens hand/ eye coordination.
To play, fill in the empty slots on the riddle/picture boards, match the words you see on the tokens to the place they belong on your game board.
5 ways to play
Includes 6 game boards and 24 double sided tokens

MSRP: $16.99
Ages: 4+

Time and Space Projection Alarm Clock (Blue Hat)
This rocket-shaped alarm clock projects a digital clock display against vivid galactic images on any wall or ceiling.
This interactive clock also features the year, month, date and day of the week.
Duel pivoting lenses project up to ten feet away to create images up to 4 feet wide
Displays images with or without time
Includes 4 space scenes with the option to project time
MSRP $19.99
Ages: 3+

Angry Birds Multi Pocket Backpack (Accessory Innovations)
Head to class in style with Angry Birds backpacks featuring smart details and spacious designs, including extra durable zippers, multiple pockets and organizers to keep everything close at hand.
Also features side pockets to hold water bottles and adjustable comfy straps
MSRP: $24.99
Ages: 3+

Shains Notebook (Shainsware)
Got Something to Say? Want to keep your thoughts in writing?
Let your inspiration and imagination flow with Shains Notebook.
Personalize the cover with your name, class subject, or decorate and change it whenever you want.
Use the unlined paper as a journal, sketchbook or scrapbook.
Easy to take in your backpack!
Comes with 60 elements for personalization.
MSRP: $16.00
Ages: 7+

Uglydoll School Planner (Ugly Doll)
Makes it easy to get and stay organized!
Includes weekly calendars, practical tips, more than 150 stickers for highlighting important events, and an elastic band to hold it together
Stay on top of homework, activites, and busy social lives
MSRP: $14.99
Ages: 10+

Squinkies™ Bubble Packs (Blip Toys)
Bubble Pack includes 16 collectable squishy, squashy, squooshy Squinkies characters, including four hidden “surprise” Squinkies
Each Squinkies comes in its own toy bubble capsule.
Squinkies are great as pencil toppers, too
Collections include your favorite Disney® Princesses, Barbie® and Hello Kitty®, as well as themed sets boys will love too; from monsters to aliens, to Cars 2, to Marvel super heroes
MSRP $9.99
Ages: 4+

Counting Money Jar (Summit Toy)
Who’s counting anyways? Now with the original Counting Money Jar – you are!
This handy jar will count your coins and digitally display your savings.
With Balance Guard ™, it remembers your balance…even if you have to replace the batteries.
Choose from two different colors: blue or pink.
MSRP: $9.99
Ages: 5+

Scruble Cube (RSV Entertainment)
Players rotate and twist rows and columns of the cube, with the goal to rearrange letters to create new words.
One word is formed per turn and can range from 3 to 16 letters spelled horizontally, vertically and, uniquely, around multiple faces of the cube. Each of the 96 letter pegs is assigned a point value.
Players can earn bonus points by using 2X Word Score or 2X Letter Score pieces in their word
Eight or more letters or spell a word across multiple faces also earn additional points
Sand timer included for more challenging play
1 to 4 players
MSRP: $24.99
Ages: 8+

20Q™ (Techno Source)
The new 20Q is an updated version of the best-selling electronic game of twenty questions.
Players think of any animal, vegetable, mineral or other object, and 20Q magically reads their minds by deducing the answer in twenty questions or less.
After each question, players answer yes, no, sometimes or rarely, with their object in mind. A new feature button allows players to skip a question, and there’s even an undo button for those who change their minds.
Features the most eerily accurate artificial intelligence (A.I.) to date.
Allows for easy on-the-go play and offers adjustable sound control
Promotes cognitive thinking and reinforces reading skills
Available in three colors: red, blue and pink
Batteries included (2AAA).
MSRP:  $12.99
Ages 6+

Inkoos (The Bridge Direct)
Inkoos are funky, quirky characters that are drawn to life with a little “Inkspiration”!
By using the Inkoos’ amazing washable markers, creative tweens can express themselves by drawing, designing and decorating their Inkoos into anything they imagine.
Then with a spin in the washing machine, Inkoos are ready to be designed all over again!
Available in a variety of colors and styles, each Inkoos includes 3 clip-on washable markers and the Inkspiration Wheel for tons of design ideas.
MSRP: $7.99
Ages: 4+

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