Has anyone seen Bucky’s butt?

I’m asking for a friend — my new friend Bucky the Stag, who lives on my new Deer Pong game from Hasbro.

This family-friendly party game is made for two or more players ages 8 and up. Players will split up into two teams for this ball-tossing game that’s packed with lots of personality. Teams will race to be the first to land three balls in Bucky’s antler cups. Along the way, the wise-cracking deer’s mouth moves as he trash talks players, tells jokes, and plays music.

The game comes with Bucky’s head, a backboard, a stand, four antler pieces, and six cups that require a one-time assembly that will take less than a minute. You can also display him so that he mounts on a wall — whatever works for you!

Once players figure out who will represent the red and orange teams, it’s go time! Press down on Bucky’s hat and he will count you down and play music. The music sounds like a very fast-paced bluegrass melody, which fits perfectly with the whole aesthetic and amps up the mood. Each team will have three ping pong balls to bounce or throw into their team’s colored cups.

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If you miss your target, the ball is fair game to anyone playing. And, if your ball lands in an opponent’s cup, leave it there because it counts for their team — yikes! I feel like some of these rules are definitely up for interpretation and can also welcome some house rules, giving some extra intensity to play.

In addition to the music, Bucky will chime in himself with an attitude and cheeky comments throughout the game — and you never know what he is going to say next. Some of my favorite phrases are “Get your head in the game … mine is,” “That one felt personal,” “Hey friend, the cups are over here, and “Is that all you’ve got, bucko?”

But, of course, that’s not all Bucky’s got. Switch him to joke mode to hear even more groan-worthy one-liners and phrases, like “I just got back from the dentist and found out he has buck teeth!” and, of course, “Hey, has anyone seen my butt?”

The first team to fill all of their cups wins! Don’t forget to press his hat to claim your victory — this serves up a real Sugar Rush moment akin to pressing your hand on a buzzer for when your baked goods are ready to be judged.

Deer Pong is a hilarious, lighthearted game that anyone can play this holiday season. As Bucky says, “Thank you, folks, I’m here all week!”