Goal: $10,000
Funding Period: Until July 20, 2015
Creator: Andrew Freuh

Ball and Ramp is a new toy that lets kids and parents create their own interactive sculpture. It is made up of folded paper and marbles, allowing for kids to let their imaginations run wild!

The Ball and Ramp kit comes with small plastic marbles and pre-cut paper parts in 3 shapes: a Ramp, a Cone, and a Basket. All shapes are scored and do not require any additional materials, such as glue or tape, for assembly. The Ramp makes up the bulk of the ball’s travels and is made up of longer parts. The Cone resembles a funnel and allows the ball to swirl around before dropping to the next ramp. The Basket is the the final point; it is at the end of the ramp and is where the balls will be dropped off and caught.

As if this wasn’t enough, Ball and Ramp lovers also have access to the designs of the paper parts. This allows users to print their own parts and even change the sizes allowing them to make ramps as big or small as they want!

Ball and Ramp will allow children to learn how to create more, using less. It will also allow them to expand creativity and problem solving skills when testing out different ramp paths and assembling the shapes. The kits are also environmentally friendly – all paper is sourced and easily recycled.

Kickstarter donations range from $1 to $400 (or more!), and prizes include the kits in various amounts. For every donation of $400 or more, donators will be given the opportunity to have a workshop with the creator of Ball and Ramp for their school or organization.

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