I was never a fan of going to the doctor as a kid, and I’m still not tbh. But now the Doc (McStuffins) is in and there’s nothing to fear.

Young and aspiring doctors can start practicing their nurturing skills with the Get Better Baby Cece Doll, from Just Play. The Doll gives kids the tools needed to take care of Cece, a baby doll that Doc McStuffins takes care of on the Disney Junior show.

Cece is dressed in a plush purple outfit that makes her nice and soft for kids to hold or cuddle with as they try to nurture her back to health. Her big beautiful brown eyes will stare straight into anyone’s soul as she asks for help to feel better.

The doll comes with Doc McStuffins’ stethoscope, which plays a few sayings from the Doc teaching kids how they can help make Cece feel better. The earpieces on the stethoscope can span out without resistance so the fit isn’t too tight on kids’ heads.

The doll set also comes with a glittery otoscope (that thing you stick into ears to make sure there’s nothing weird going on in there), a clip-on pacifier, and a milk bottle. While the stethoscope doubles as the sound interaction for the doll, the pacifier is also used as a thermometer. Each time it is put into Cece’s mouth, the pacifier shows scroll-through images that tell kids how she is feeling.

It sounds like Cece might have a bad case of the Boo-boos and this set provides everything kids need to take care of her, just like Doc has on the show. Kids can even use some of the included tools to help cure any of their other sick toys.

The Get Better Baby Cece Doll is perfect to add to any Doc McStuffins toy collection as kids learn to be as great as the Doc herself! Gotta make sure all those toys stay healthy in the toy box.