Magicube 13-Piece Set | Source: Geomagworld/the Toy Insider

Geomagworld is adding an array of new shapes to the Magicube magnetic construction toy line.

Magicube is a building block system featuring magnetic cubes that kids can connect to create shapes and structures. As kids grow, so will their skills and ability to build larger structures, thanks to the new and improved shapes.

In addition to the traditional cube building blocks, the new Magicube Shapes line will include quarter circle, half sphere, and half cube blocks. All blocks are made from 100% recycled plastic.

Magicube Nine-Piece Animal Set | Source: Geomagworld

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For younger kids, there is a six-piece starter set with just the basic shapes. Kids can build and learn about their favorite creatures with the nine-piece, animal-themed set. The 13-piece set will include wheels and magnetic wheelbases for kids to take their creation for a joyride. The 32-piece set will also include wheels and enough pieces to create larger animals, robots, towers, and other structures for unlimited imaginative play.

The sets will launch at Target later this week. Until then, check out for more information.