Honestly, if it has “sparkle” in its name, sign me up.

The Gemmies Sparkle Loom, from Basic Fun, lets kids make the perfect accessories for everything in their wardrobe. It’s a unique craft activity experience where kids can create 3-D objects and wearables out of TPR bands and Gemmies crystals—using a loom!

The loom makes the whole process easy for kids. By following a simple pattern, kids can loop the bands around each other to create 3-D pet friends, bracelets, rings, and more. The Gemmies simple clip on, so that kids aren’t struggling to string beads.

All out of ideas? No problem! The Gemmies website and YouTube offers tons of ideas for kids, and tutorials on how to make those creations. Because, tbh, all of us could always use a little more sparkle.

Ideas and patterns are available for Gemmies designers at all levels—those with more experience can create a little more complex creations.



Once you’re done creating—and parents will love this—everything stores inside of the loom itself, so clean up is easy, your living room won’t be covered with bands and Gemmies, and everything is ready for kids the next time they’re ready to create. It also makes it possible to take your Gemmies fun on the go—whether you’re going on trips or to sleepover parties, you never have to stop creating.

The Gemmies and bands come in all different colors so kids will be able to wear fun and vibrant accessories that really show off their personal style. It lets kids create their own accessories or décor, and even make something special for their family and friends. Just loop, clip, and get ready to sparkle!