This new twist on classic blocks is sure to stick.

Gecko Blocks are a new kind of building block ready to switch up playtime. These blocks are the first adhesive foam blocks, so they stick together as kids are building, but they don’t stick to kids’ clothes, hands, or hair. The surface of the blocks feel smooth, but not sticky, so they won’t leave residue on kids’ hands or whatever surface they stick to.

Not only do these blocks stick to each other, but they also stick to smooth surfaces so they stay in place while kids are building. Even after I took my creation apart (I built up the below bird shown in the model below), there was nothing left behind on the table. These blocks let kids build in every direction off of smooth surfaces, while definitely giving parents peace of mind.


On a microscopic level, these blocks actually work in the same way that a gecko’s feet do. The adhesive is non-toxic and non-chemical silicone. The blocks are sturdy and stick extremely well, but they are also easy for kids to take apart when they’re ready to build up a new structure or character.

The blocks themselves are big and chunky, so they’re perfect for little hands. They also come in super bright, bold colors, so kids will love building up colorful things from their imaginations. Like most construction toys, these blocks encourage kids spatial reasoning, creativity, imagination, trial and error, and small and large motor skills. With 28 foam blocks in a pack, kids can also play together, learning social skills such as teamwork and sharing.

An added bonus of Gecko blocks is that they are also waterproof, so kids can play with them during bathtime. When kids take them into the bath, they’ll still stick to one another, as well as the tub wall or tiles. Also, since they are waterproof, they can be easily cleaned—parents can just rinse off the blocks to get rid of dust and fuzz and to renew the stickiness.

Want to see them in action? Check out the video below: