Monster Café, from Gamewright, is a terribly tasty new card game. Players lay down cards to seat hungry monsters around tables filled with such revolting refreshments as Roasted Roadkill, Boiled Brains, and Stinky Sock Stew. However, the monsters are picky eaters, and players must try to feed them what they fancy in order to gain more points. Though they may be picky, they all hate lemon sorbet, and players will too as it sets them back a turn.

A nauseatingly adorable game for kids who like to get gross, Monster Café also helps build strategy and matching skills. Game play only takes about 15 minutes, so kids and families can enjoy without making a huge time commitment. Since there is a lot of strategy involved, (When should you clear a table? Early on, or should you wait a while? Should you seat monsters at the table thy want to eat at, or should you try to play a little defense and trip up your opponents?), adults will be engaged in this game just as much as kids, making it great for the whole family. So come hungry and ready to dig in to a heaping pile of Toenail Tartare with a side of Deviled Dust Bunnies.

Monster Café is designed for two to four players ages 8 and up.