Forget the world—now you can fit a galaxy in your pocket.

Nintendo gives its best-selling portable console a cosmic new look. The Galaxy Style New Nintendo 3DS XL features a deep purple shell with shimmering stars bursting through the center and twinkling around the edges.


The back of the device is a rich, solid plum, while the interior features a deep midnight blue. The new style stands out against its grey and red counterparts, and will not go unnoticed thanks to sparkling accents that reflect beautifully in the light.

The Galaxy features all of the functionality of any other New Nintendo 3DS XL, including amiibo compatibility, super-stable 3D, and more. Best of all, it’s listed for the standard $199, so you won’t pay extra for this unique new style. It is sure to make gamers feel like they have something special and out of the ordinary, thanks to a creative color pallet and stellar design.