StarWarsJediTelescopeThe original Star Wars tells the story of a cosmic battle between good and evil, but it’s also the tale of a young kid who dreams of the stars, until the day he gets his wish to see them up close and personally. With the Star Wars Science Jedi Telescope, from Uncle Milton‘s Star Wars Science line, kids ages 6 and up can do their own stargazing. This real telescope has both a fast-focus grip and a fine focus dial to bring faraway objects into clarity. Meanwhile, the design may look a little science-fiction-like, but it’s both comfortable to hold and easy to use.

Whenever kids are done scanning the nighttime skies for celestial bodies (or the Death Star), they can use the dial located on top of the telescope to cycle through 10 built-in images. They include Star Wars-related planets such as Tatooine, Dagobah, and Kamino, as well as a Jedi Starfighter and the Millennium Falcon. The telescope works the same with these 2-D objects as it would with real-life 3-D ones: Turn the knobs to bring them into focus, point toward a light source for the best image, etc. Along with the toy itself, there is a fold-out learning guide depicting the various planets. While these worlds may be fictional, the guide draws parallels between their geography and climate and places on Earth—for example, the humid swamps of Dagobah and those of New Orleans.

Mixing fan-favorite content with real-world educational material, this licensed toy helps kids complete the scientific learning part of their Jedi training. Or if they’re not Jedis-in-training, it may help foster or enhance their interest in astronomy and other scientific subjects, and that’s okay, too.

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