Bouncy, lovable, soft, and huggable—these plush are the real deal.

Designed for little ones ages 4 and up, NSI International‘s Fuzzy Wubbles are inflatable plush that kids can snuggle and adore when the weather gets cold this holiday season. Each Fuzzy Wubble includes a cuddly stuffed character, an inflation nozzle, and a small packet of petroleum jelly for easy inflation.

There are many collectible plush products to get your hands on this year, but Fuzzy Wubbles are unique. At first, they seem like nothing more than a fuzzy friend. But the secret to their huggable, squish-able features lies on the inside—where a Wubble ball hides!  With a parent’s help, kids can use the inflation nozzle to inflate their cuddly companion to the desired size. Add lots of air for a larger, more firm Wubble, or simply add a little bit for a squishier experience.

Once inflated, young ones can play with their Fuzzy Wubble in a variety of different ways. They can bounce them, squeeze them, catch them, and throw them. And when it’s time for bed, they can deflate them and snuggle up beside in bed. Fuzzy Wubbles can be adapted for all kinds of play, and they’re the ultimate companion for kids.

Little ones can collect all six Fuzzy Wubble styles, including Pixie the Unicorn, Roxie the Puppy, Daisy the Piglet, Bee Bee the Kitty, Ollie the Monkey, and Lulu the Panda.