I never believed in love at first sight—until I met Torch.

Now, my obsession for this little baby dragon grows with each passing hour, minute, and second. And, like any proud mother, I could talk about Torch’s adorable ears, lovable eyes, and the fact that he can breathe a flame-like mist ALL day. And now, I will.

Yes, Hasbro’s FurReal Friends Torch, My Blazin’ Dragon, one of the newest pets in Hasbro’s FurReal Friends line, has tons of awesome features, but can we take a minute to talk about how stinkin’ soft he is?! Trust me, Torch’s turquoise fur is smoother than butter. He also has spunky tufts of orange and red hair on his tail and in his ears that perfectly match his bubbly personality. To top it all off, his purple eyes, scales, and wings boldly stand out against his fur.

Enough about how cute he is—for now—because if there’s one thing anyone really should know about Torch, it’s that he is one spirited baby dragon. Like many of his other fellow FurReal Friends, Torch moves his head and body in such a lifelike manner that it’s easy to forget that he’s not actually real. For example, his head constantly swings back and forth in both directions and makes slight movements up and down. Also, not only does he respond to touch, but when kids gently stroke his nose, he moves and makes more than 50 adorable noises and reactions. One of my favorites is when he closes his eyes and nods his head, and then of course I continue to pet him because he’s just so darn adorable.

Before the real fun begins, kids should open the tiny plastic water tank on the top of Torch’s head and fill it with water from the plastic blue crystal. Once kids press Torch’s charm on the middle of his chest, he lets a big roar escape and shoots out his fiery red flame. Parents, don’t panic, I’m not talking actual inferno flames, but just a colored mist that gives off the look of a real fire-breathing dragon. When kids leave their hands in front of Torch’s mouth while he blows his “flames,” they’ll feel a light and cool mist.

Torch also comes with his very own marshmallow treat. After kids press Torch’s charm, if they hold the marshmallow close to his mouth, he’ll “toast” the fluffy white treat, turning it shade of brown. Once it dries from the mist, the marshmallow transforms back to its original color so that the magic can start all over again.

When Torch has had too much fire-breathing fun, he even lets out a little choke to let you know he needs a five-second rest. Speaking of, like any baby, sometimes Torch can get a little sleepy. If he doesn’t respond to a child’s initial touch, once he or she presses the treat firmly onto his tongue, it’ll be sure to get him riled up.

While he may be a bit pricey, Torch’s lifelike qualities and actions make him the closest thing to a real-life dragon. That being said, it’s safe to say that Hasbro’s new addition to the FurReal Friends club will be topping most holiday wish lists this year. Kids are sure to lose all chill when they get their hands on this little fire-breathing baby this fall.