Get ready for super-soft cuddles with Cubby the Curious Bear, the latest edition to Hasbro‘s FurReal Friends line. Designed for kids ages 4 and up, Cubby is an interactive bearcub whose realistic movements will impress both adults and kids.

In the main “on” mode, Cubby can move his head, nose, arms, eyes, and more. This means Cubby features more than 100 sound-and-motion combinations, which kids can discover by playing with their bearcub friend. Kids can interact with Cubby in many ways, such as tickling his tummy, blowing on his nose, or patting his head. Squeeze his paw, and Cubby will play peek-a-boo or lift his arms (asking to be picked up).

While Cubby’s legs don’t move on their own, kids can manually put him in either a standing or sitting position. The sitting position is perfect for cuddles or feeding time, when Cubby sucks on the included bottle or honeycomb treat. (Don’t put any liquid in his bottle, though.) When he’s all done, try putting him on his back to watch him fall asleep — and snore! — almost instantly. Check out some of his actions in the video below!

Cubby is energetic and fun when he’s fully on, but he also features a nighttime mode that provides calm and comfort for kids at bedtime. This mode is marked by a moon on Cubby’s on/off switch (which is located outside of his velcro battery pack — a big plus.) Place him in nighttime mode, and he’ll start one of three calming five-minute sequences. In these sequences, he closes his eyes and plays either soft music or ambient forest sounds before automatically shutting down. All of his sensors are shut off in this mode, too, so Cubby won’t make unexpected movements when kids try to sleep. While Cubby’s mechanics don’t make him as squishy as a traditional stuffed animal, his fur makes him comfortable enough for bedtime cuddles. 

Overall, Cubby is a very cute companion and a great choice for kids who aren’t quite ready for a real pet but still want the chance to care for an adorable animal by feeding, brushing, and comforting it (and getting comforted in return)!