The Retro Convertible Sleepover Bed makes an air mattress into a playful car bed. | Source: Funboy

Sleepovers just got a lot more fun!

Funboy, best known for its inflatable pool floats and snow sleds in all sorts of unique shapes, is bringing that energy to the world of sleepovers with new inflatable beds.

The company started with pool floats, though it quickly incorporated a number of summer activity items such as beach chairs and backyard sprinklers. There are floats shaped like golf carts, cabana loungers, yachts, and other luxury items to make the pool experience feel a bit more fancy. One pool float, the Disco Dome, is big enough to fit four people, and has a top covering with a disco ball hanging from it. The floats are great for kids and adults alike to spend a day of enjoyment in the pool.

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Funboy then moved to wintertime with its inflatable sleds, similarly made to look like snowmobiles or the classic toboggan. Sleepovers are the next frontier for this company focused on bringing that extra bit of fun and luxury to otherwise normal inflatable items.

The Private Jet Sleepover Bed will have kids flying into their dreams! | Source: Funboy

The new collection of beds includes the Private Jet Sleepover Bed and the Retro Convertible Sleepover Bed, both based on existing popular pool floats from the company — but with the addition of a soft fabric topping. Kids can add the whimsy of a car or plane-themed bed to their sleepover, rather than an ordinary old air mattress.

The new sleepover beds are available now for $79 at Funboy’s website, and are designed for kids age 4-12 years old.