Goal: $30,000
Funding Period: December 6, 2015
Craig Balme

castleThere is no better place to spend a rainy day than inside a blanket fort. But what if a blanket fort was able to look like the wildest places from our imaginations? Fun Table Tents makes that possible.

Instead of having to build a fort from scratch, families can cover their dining room table with a Fun Table Tent and turn a table into a castle, an animal hospital, a restaurant, and more. Fun Table Tents make for an easy clean-up and provide kids with the ideal space to let their imaginations run wild.

Craig Balme, the creator of Fun Table Tents, says that the idea was born out of the idea that his children should be able to play in a blanket fort that looks like the castle in the story they were reading. Each table tent is hand-drawn by artist Greg Breault and more creative designs are in the works.

Kickstarter donations range from $1 to $280 and prizes include a Fun Table Tents from the intial run of Animal Hospital, Castle, Fairy House, and Restaurant.

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