Play-Doh is almost a rite of childhood. From the first moment you get to experience its moldable goodness to the day you learn how to make it yourself, it’s an integral part of our youth.

Did you know that Play-Doh was designed to be a wallpaper cleaner? As history so often shows, the benefits outweighed the origination. And so, this cleaning product became a classic toy.

In honor of World Play-Doh Day on Saturday, September 16, 2017, I wanted to share my three favorite Play-Doh products. These items have great creative and play potential; perfect for Play-Doh Day! And if you’d like to make your own modeling dough, check out this recipe!

Play-Doh Town

Play-Doh is fun, but making a Play-Doh city? Epic! The Play-Doh Town assortment gives kids the opportunity to build up different parts of a town. Whether they have one set or the entire Play-Doh Town, tons of imaginative and creative play is a guarantee. Each set is full of hidden molds and stamps, and kids can connect as many play sets together as they want.

One to note is the Play-Doh Town Firehouse play set. Kids can use the fire stamper to create fire scenes, before filling up the water cannon and fire hydrant with more Play-Doh to save the day. The cannon shoots out the dough as a water spray, while the hydrant provides a steady stream. Kids can create a fun hairstyles for the firefighter using her hat, or mold a variety of different hair accessories using the included half molds.

They’ll also have to remember to take the puppy for a walk, or else the puppy has a Play-Doh accident inside the firehouse. The included Play-Doh cans are building-themed, so the outside of the can resembles the outside of a building. This lets kids use the cans as part of the town-building fun. The Play-Doh Town line features different characters and sets, including an Ice Cream Truck, Pizza Delivery, Roadworker and Pup, and more.

Play-Doh Apps

While Play-Doh is a preschool staple, it also doh’d its way into a digital upgrade.

The Play-Doh Touch app and Shape To Life Studio let kids mold physical Play-Doh creations and bring them to life inside the iOS app. Kids can start by shaping a character using one of the digital stampers, which include a dinosaur, a jellyfish, a monster, a turtle, and a snail. The digital stampers are perfect for kids who need a little inspiration help, but free spirits can also forego the stampers and create anything they can imagine using the seven included cans of Play-Doh compound. Once their creation is complete, kids can quickly scan it into the app, and watch it bounce to life. The app animates kids’ characters in a truly unique way, recognizing its legs and facial features and even giving it an adorable voice.

Kids can slide their fingers along the screen to move their character through the white and grey world, collecting shining bits along the way. The shining, plain landscape provides the perfect place for kids to add their inventive touch to this world. As kids stumble upon Play-Doh cans, they can either create new characters to tag along on their adventure, or they can scan in creations to customize the environment.

Play-Doh Letters and Language Set

Learning while playing? Always win-win for kids (and caregivers!)

The Play-Doh Letters and Language play set encourages children to explore pre-reading and pre-writing skills with the included tools, playmats, and activities. The chunky stampers and stylus are great for little hands to stamp and write letters in Play-Doh compound while practicing their motor skills at the same time. Kids can use the double-sided playmats to explore letter recognition, identification, and sounds. I especially like the emotion playmat, which teaches kids about feelings. Everything is great for sensory and fine motor skill development.

Whether your child likes to make cupcakes or cookies, bake burgers or have a BBQ, there is a tremendous amount of role-playing possibility with Play-Doh sets. Or, simply pack a Play-Doh can into your diaper bag or purse for fun in the car, restaurant, or wherever the Play-Doh life may take you!