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If you are an adult that is anyway around a baby at anytime, you know one thing for sure: You are not the one in control. You may be bigger, smarter, stronger, and able to eat on your own, but that baby is going to run your life. You’re on the baby’s schedule: he or she will determine when you eat, when you sleep, and everything in between. That’s why as parents, caregivers, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc., we learn to be flexible, and products that fit into our flexible schedules are so, so important.

That’s where Fun Flex comes in. Fun Flex is a modular system that includes interchangeable toys, clamps, rings, connecters, and flexible arms that allow you to take developmentally stimulating toys for baby everywhere you go. Let me break down some of the toys for you:

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The Frog Mirror Set comes with a clamp, a flexible arm, and a frog mirror toy. The frog is a bright green with a happy smiling face and cute polka dotted arms and legs. The mirror helps baby develop a better self-image and even helps to improve vision. This toy will help baby learn to develop self-awareness and even explore the surrounding environment.

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The Musical Rattle Set also features a clamp and a flexible arm, but the included interchangeable toy is a bright musical rattle shaped like a flower. It has multiple fabric textures that not only make the toy look trendy, but also encourage babies to explore their sense of touch. The crinkly material and colorful rattle beads create fun sounds as well, and the high contrast colors stimulate baby’s vision.

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The Dancing Crab Set is probably my favorite of the three. This is another clamp and flexible arm set (some sets come with the clip ring instead), and a super cute dancing crab toy. This little crustacean is bright purple with bold red pinchers (don’t worry, they don’t actually open and close), and he’s got a big ol’ adorable smile on his face.

Its bell ball jingles when kids shake it, and if they pull it down and let go, the crab shakes and dances. The ball also features different textures, so that kids can explore their sense of touch. This toy has immediate feedback for baby’s actions, which is a great way to introduce them to cause and effect.

Fun Flex toys prevent you from having to carry around a variety of toys for the car, the crib, the playground, Grandma’s house, the restaurant’s table, etc. They are also great because they easily connect to almost any surface securely, which makes them perfect for busy families.