Kids who love the award-winning animated film Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero (2018) can now access free, Stubby-themed content online.

Fun Academy Media Group is offering free 30-day memberships for The Stubby Squad, an interactive fan platform. The Stubby Squad features members-only, exclusive content, including companion documentaries to the film, downloadable crafts, and a serialized comic book of french recipes for kids. Kids can also interact with Fun Academy’s filmmakers on the website’s community forums, where they discuss the development of additional Stubby films and an animated TV series.

“With school cancellations across the country, a lot of parents are suddenly finding themselves homeschooling for the next several weeks,” says Jordan Beck, COO of Fun Academy. “We wanted to do something to help kids and parents looking for fun, enriching entertainment that can double for school and playtime.”

Stubby Squad

An annual, all-access membership to the Stubby Squad costs a one-time payment of $49.99, but the new monthly option of $4.99 with promo code SPRINGBREAK provides the first 30 days of membership free to anyone signing up before April 19. To sign up, visit