The Disney’s Frozen Musical Winter Coach from Jakks Pacific proves that Frozen fun isn’t limited to the wintertime. It’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor play—plus, do you see how cute it looks?!

For kids ages 1 to 6, this innovative two-in-one combines all the fun of a classic ride-on and then converts into a wagon. In ride-on mode, kids can comfortably sit and hold the easy-grip custom handle bar. My favorite part about the whole product is its musical feature, which is activated when a kid presses the button on the handle, playing the award-winning song, “Let It Go,” sung by Elsa in the movie. (And, it plays a good portion of the song at a very reasonable volume, not just a petty 5 seconds worth.)

The front of the handle bar also features a secret compartment case that opens up for the little ones to hide their treasures. Then, with the press of a button, the ride-on converts into a wagon. It’s the perfect size for kids to store all of their favorite items (like dolls and other toys) and go for a walk! One side of the ride-on features Elsa, and the other has Anna and Olaf on it, so it perfectly showcases the sisterly love.

Putting the musical winter coach together is super easy and only takes a couple of steps. All you need is a hammer and a screwdriver to lock the handlebars in place and secure the wheels. Kids can help Mom or Dad put the stickers on, getting them involved with the building process.

The Disney’s Frozen Musical Winter Coach features the look and glam of the characters in the film and captures the spirit of the movie. It’s a must-have for the summer—because what Frozen fan doesn’t want to ride down the street belting out to his or her favorite song Elsa?