With the release of Frozen 2 drawing closer, I’m starting to feel the hype for Disney’s newest movie masterpiece. Frozen is a movie I hold very close to my heart because of its wonderful story, but also because of its inspiring music. If you love getting together as a family to belt out your favorite songs, or love singing along to your favorite Frozen classics, then the Disney Frozen 2 Sing-Along Microphone, from Imperial Toys, is for you.

What’s great about the Disney Frozen 2 Sing-Along Microphone is that you aren’t limited to playing songs from the movie. You have the option to either jam out to “Into the Unknown” from the Frozen 2 soundtrack, or you can build your own playlist for endless hours of musical numbers. The microphone easily connects to your MP3 player through an AUX cord plug-in on the bottom of the toy, so you can sing along to any of your favorite songs. As an added bonus, the cord can be stashed away in the microphone for safekeeping. Now, you won’t have to worry about accidentally losing the cable. 

We all know that rocking out to our favorite songs through a working microphone is super fun, but the real magic of the Frozen 2 Sing-Along Microphone starts when the lights go out. The microphone includes colorful flashing LEDs that can light up any musical performance. As someone who loves LEDs, this element of the microphone really sold the magic of Frozen 2 to me. There’s honestly nothing better than playing with this toy in a dark room while the mic is flashing away. 

The microphone’s lightweight design makes it a great fit for small hands. The toy is portable, too, so kids can take it along on long car rides and bust out spontaneous sing-alongs. The lightweight design doesn’t mean boring, though. The exterior of the mic is beautifully illustrated in a traditional Disney style, featuring illustrations of Elsa and Anna in their new looks — with Olaf at their side, of course. The artwork and the ice-inspired top of the toy embody the beauty of Frozen 2 just in time for the movie’s release. 

The Frozen 2 Sing-Along Microphone includes 2 AAA batteries and comes already assembled. The microphone also comes with a built-in song — “Into the Unknown” — as well as short phrases from some of the new movie’s cast members.

This toy’s lightweight, magical design would be perfect for any younger fans of the franchise. Get into the spirit of Frozen 2 before its release on Nov. 22!