Frozen 2

Six years ago, audiences fell in love with Frozen, the 53rd feature film from Walt Disney Animation Studios. This holiday season, families are taking another trip to Arendelle, and judging by the massive success that Frozen 2 experienced at the box office in its opening weekend, audiences were more than ready. The second outing for Anna and Elsa pulled in nearly $130 million at the U.S. box office in just three days — an impressive feat when compared to the $93 million that the first Frozen pulled in over five days in 2013.

In recent years, Thanksgiving week and Disney films have become a tradition — a sort of kick-off to the holiday season for many families. Pairing the magic of Disney with the magic of the season, your Frozen 2 family outing can be an evening that’s more than just a night at the movies, but an experience with memories that can last a lifetime. And after the credits roll (you better stick around Marvel style!), there’s an opportunity to extend the experience at home with some great toys and products that will keep the magic going!

The Rock Daughters - Frozen 2

Our family was invited by the folks at Walt Disney Studios to take part in a Frozen 2 family night out on opening weekend. Along with dinner and tickets to see the film in Dolby Cinema at AMC Theatres, our girls received some stylish new Anna and Elsa dresses from Target, along with an assortment of jewelry and hair accessories inspired by the new film.

Through an act of great timing, we got the adventure started early with a visit to the annual Chicago Toy & Game Fair (ChiTAG) at Navy Pier. Jakks Pacific was in attendance, showing off some new toys for the holiday season including Playdate Sven and the “Into the Unknown” Singing Elsa Doll, both of which appear in the Toy Insider Holiday Gift Guide. “Sven’s Adventure” was a scavenger hunt in which kids could search the event for clues in hopes of winning a prize at the end.

The Rock Daughters at ChiTAG 2019

With our daughters essentially having grown up with Frozen, my wife and I were anxious to see how they’d react to the second big-screen adventure. There was no doubt that the filmmakers had a tall order to fill coming off of a film that not only was a huge success, but one that’s been so important to millions of fans around the world. And, of course, there’s the soundtrack. I’ve not only heard “Let It Go” approximately 9,284 times since 2013, I believe that I’ve sung it (and played it on guitar) at least 349 times, and seen it performed in our home on a similar number of occasions. We’ve seen the Frozen show at Walt Disney World, a production of Frozen on Ice, and my wife and kids even experienced Frozen on Broadway. Does the soundtrack live up to the first?

I’m saying “yes!”

My wife says that the new songs didn’t strike her with the same level of gravitas as the first film, but that they’ve grown on her every day since to the point where she now believes they’re equal. I really have an affection for the Panic! At the Disco version of “Into the Unknown.” But the biggest indicator as to whether or not the soundtrack is a hit? It’s the kids, and ours are belting out the tunes in the car, and I suspect they will be for quite some time to come.

You can see a few picks from the Toy Insider team below that we think will keep the Frozen fun rolling in the months ahead. Should you put together your own magical movie night, tag us on Twitter @thetoyinsider with #FROZEN2FamilyNightOut — we’d love to see the fun!

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