When you think of science toys, you usually think of chemistry sets, coding robots, and outdoor experiments. But how about a puppet?

Wait, are you saying a puppet can be a STEM toy?

Yes! Thanks to FolkmanisFrog Life Cycle Puppet, kids can learn about science with some unplugged classic play.

Much like an actual frog’s life cycle, this puppet is a three-stage toy. In its first stage, the lenticular printed egg comes alive with motion. For the most part, it’s easy to swap the frog from stage to stage, although smaller hands may need some help with the dexterity required.

To move onto stage two, kids can use the zippers to tuck and reveal the tadpole stage. Here kids can learn what baby frogs look like before they become the classic frog they’re more familiar with. They can also learn about the metamorphosis of amphibians, and how they change from one stage to the next.

Then, they can change the tadpole into the third and final stage: the frog itself. Once the puppet is a frog, kids can animate the mouth, and retell the story of its metamorphosis—or any story they can imagine.

This puppet is not only educational, but it is also beautiful. In each stage, the puppet has a variety of greens or browns that give it depth and a lifelike quality. All of Folkmanis’ puppets maintain a standard of quality, and this three-in-one puppet is no different.