frightfactorypackageFor fans of the slimy and spooky, this is the place to be employed.

Tech 4 KidsFright Factory is a creature creator kit that lets kids ages 8 and up make creepy 3-D creations using safe UV light and Quick Cure Gel. Included in each kit is a creature creator system, two EwwGoo Gels, and three stencils.

With help from a parent, kids can first insert three AA batteries (not included) into the base of the creature creator unit. The system features a spinning wheel, a creation chamber, and two flashing electricity bolts on the back end to give the unit a very mad-scientist-cooking-up-trouble-in-a-dimly-lit-room type of vibe.contentsNext, young artists can inject their favorite EwwGoo color into the plastic molds by squeezing lightly and dragging the tip of the bottle along the stencil. Filling the stencil neatly and evenly takes some practice, but kids will get the hang of it by the time they’re ready to create their second creepy-crawly. My first blue spider was a bit sloppy, but I’m giving myself a pass because I’ve never made a predatory arachnid out of blue goo before.

After kids have filled their mold with their desired EwwGoo color, it’s time to crank up the power. As kids spin the wheel, the UV light will track over the stencil and harden the goo without the use of heat. Within minutes, kids’ frightening creations will be ready to pop out of the mold. The best way to do this is to push the underside of the stencil and bend it slightly to free the creation. Although the EwwGoo hardens fairly quickly, it takes longer for the creation to be completely free of its stickiness. The longer kids can wait, the harder and cleaner their creatures will be. I would suggest taking it out of its mold and letting it sit aside before playing with it fully.

The Fright Factory Creature Creator Kit is great for kids who like to create, as they’ll enjoy the process of making some new freaky friends. I suggest getting a hold of some different EwwGoo colors and stencils as well, so they can expand their collection and get even more creative with their colors and designs.