If the snow in your backyard or local park is getting a little boring, here are some fun snow ideas to make snow time fun time again:

snow ideas
  • Take a spray bottle and fill it with water and add some food coloring (color of choice). Shake and then spray on the snow to turn it colorful. Create lots of spray bottles of different colors and let the kids create snow art.
  • Pull out those sandbox and beach toys. Whether it is a pail and shovel, a plastic dump truck, or a beach umbrella, set everything up outside. Kids can build snow castles, snow moats, and more. Then set up a blanket with an umbrella and have a snow picnic. Serve some hot chocolate and cookies before heading back inside to warm up!
  • Make some snow cream. You can see how to make it here. It is a fun alternative to ice cream, and the kids can help make it, too.
  • See if you can get the kids in the neighborhood or in your local Moms’ group to have a snowman contest. Have fun prizes for the smallest snowman, the biggest snowman, the silliest snowman, etc. Then serve everyone hot chocolate for a fun wrap-up. Don’t worry if your snow creations don’t look anything like this:
Bartz Brothers via TwistedSifter

It might seem like a long time before the snow melts and you can put away the snow gear, but there is a lot of fun to be had during the winter and hopefully a couple of these will warm up your winter fun.