In the Fortnite game, llamas are the main “lootboxes,” filled with supplies and goodies for players to use. And Jazwares’ Fortnite Jumbo Loot Llama Piñata is no different.

Fortnite fans can unbox action figures, weapons, and more like never before. This 25-inch-tall llama piñata has 100 pieces inside of it. Kids can tear open their piñata any way they’d please — there’s no right or wrong answer here. Once they dig through their confetti, they can uncover all of their loot. 

It comes pre-filled with two 4-inch action figures, weapons, back bling, exclusive building materials, harvesting materials, and more. The two figures, Frozen Raven and Ice King, are highly detailed, and each features 19 points of articulation, making them perfect for display or play. 


Kids can use the included 16 metal building pieces to build the iconic Clock Tower so that they can secure the high ground above any of their opponents. All of the metal building materials are compatible with the wood and stone building materials from the line — although those are sold separately. 

If you need a break from screen time, the Jumbo Loot Llama is the perfect way to play with all of the Fortnite goodness you love IRL. With all kinds of figures, building materials, accessories, and more, this llama has all the loot you need to win your next Fortnite battle.