From forts to clubhouses to tents, kids love creating unique spaces that are just for them. Now, they can design their own play areas inside or outdoors with Fort Boards.

My cousins and I used to tear apart my mom’s linen closet, gather up all the hair ties and clothespins we could find, and turn the entire living room into a giant fort (which, naturally, required a secret password to enter). But with Fort Boards, Mom’s 500 thread-count sheets get to stay neatly folded away, because the Prime Packs include everything kids need to create their own forts, castles, and everything in between.

Fort Boards Prime Packs are available in yellow, light blue, grey, or red. Designed for kids ages 5 and up, each pack features 44 boards and 46 connectors, for a total of 90 pieces that kids can use to create structures, models, and more. The pieces feature an easy interlocking system, so kids can make their Fort Boards connect in a straight line, or on an angle using the connectors with a few easy snaps. From cars, to forts, to giant squids, kids can create anything they can imagine using these versatile pieces.

Each set includes graphic instructions on how to build a playhouse, or kids can visit for more design inspiration. While kids will be able to build on their own, Fort Boards provides a really great opportunity for parents or older siblings to get in on the construction fun.

Fort Boards can be used inside or outdoors, and the plastic pieces are easy to wipe down for simple cleaning once playtime wraps up. Plus, all of the pieces stack neatly for easy storage.

Best of all: There’s even a little stealth learning involved. Kids can hone in on some basic STEM concepts, such as physics, engineering, and planning. Kids can design their own structures and see how they all come together using trial and error skills. They’ll learn a little bit about gravity, angles, and more, all while having fun building unique creations.

Thanks to the high-quality, durable plastic pieces, Fort Boards structures are fairly sturdy, standing up to kids and allowing them to crawl in and out of their creations. And if any damage does occur, Fort Boards are extremely easy to rebuild or repair.

Fort Boards provide kids with a truly open-ended building experience on both rainy and sunny days, giving them a new way to create inventive play spaces all their own.