Why should Bonnie get Forky all to herself?!

All kids deserve a fabulous, DIY bestie, and Tara Toy’s Forky Creativity Set is here to help. Kids ages 3 and up can make Forky, Ducky, Bunny, Buzz Lightyear, and their own Sheriff’s badge, too. The kit, which helps kids build fine motor skills, includes everything they need to bring the characters to life, right in their own homes.

Forky's Creativity Set

Recognizing that some toymakers-in-training will need a bit of practice, the Forky Creativity Set includes ample supplies, so do-overs aren’t a problem. The set includes googly eyes, pompoms, popsicle sticks, foam cutouts and stickers, pipe cleaners, wax sticks, dough, glue, and a spork (aka Forky’s future body). The packaging also features a handle, so kids can store their creations or leftover supplies inside.

The spork included is sturdy and high-quality, closer to a durable serving spoon than the disposable spork parents are likely used to seeing. While the kit does include glue, parents of younger (read: impatient) kids may want to break out the hot glue gun to speed things up. Also, beware: The dough is more like air-dry clay; while it’s great for longevity, it can be a bit difficult to get Forky situated properly with the flexible dough and the popsicle sticks. Parents will have to lend a hand and caution kids that Forky needs a bit of setting time.

Forky Creativity Set

After they’re done making their own characters from Disney’s Toy Story 4, kids can use the extra pieces and supplies to make whatever they want, giving them an opportunity for some fun, imaginative play.