Whether you are football fan or not, there is a lot of football championship coverage on TV and football team paraphernalia in the stores. It is a fun opportunity to teach young kids about the sport, and have tons of fun while doing so. Here are some fun football ideas for toddlers, preschoolers, and more:

football ideas for kids
  • Go to your local team’s website or click here. You often will be able to find various team printables that your kids can spend time coloring in.
  • Even if there is snow outside, bring out the football! Make a snowman (or a few) and pretend they are the opposing team. Tackle the snowman or run into a snow pile.
  • Take everyday things and turn them into football themes. For example, give the kids “points” for chores, and when they score 7 points, they get a touchdown. Then see how many touchdowns each kid received during the day to declare a winner. (Tell them to start thinking up victory dances!)
  • Even if you aren’t following a particular team, pick up some NFL paper plates, napkins, and cups at places such as Party City. Then make dinner fun on Super Bowl Sunday. You can find fun football-themed dinner ideas here.
  • Football toys are always a hit. Techno Source has the NFL Rush Zone Board Game, which is a really fun football alternative. You can play with up to six players and it’s officially licensed by the NFL. You can also get one of these Masterpieces Puzzles with either your favorite stadium in a 1000-piece set or your favorite rusher in a 100-piece puzzle. Don’t forget to check out this Toy Insider Review of Softjox, which allows kids to get small football player plush toy with their name on it!

So as we gear up for Super Bowl Sunday, have your kids saying, “Ready, Set, Hike!”