Maya Toys Foodie Roos PackagingI guess it is true what they say: You are what you eat. 

Or, at least it’s true for the new collectible Foodie Roos, from Maya Toys. Foodie Roos are collectible plush characters that look, feel, and even smell like their very favorite food. Each Foodie Roo comes packaged in a food container, telling you what kind of snack or beverage your new plush friend loves. There are currently 10 different kinds of snack containers to collect: soda, fruit cup, cereal, juice, cookies, pretzels, gummies, popcorn, chips, and, of course, rare treats. Each type of snack container has one of two characters inside waiting to be revealed, making the Foodie Roos collection 20 strong. 

Once you pull the character out of the container, you can see that the pattern on your plush reflects its favorite snack. They are also be scented to match that snack and are filled with materials that give them the same textured feel as the snack, so no two collectible characters are alike. In addition to the plush, the container also includes a sticker sheet that kids can use to decorate the inside to create a fun little home for their new friend. 

Plus, to get to know the characters better, you can follow the Foodie Roos web series!

The perfect combination of both the food and collectible themes taking over the toy industry, Foodie Roos provides fun new friends to collect in no-mess food themes!