Goal: $20,000
Funding Period: Until March 17
Stretch Goal: $100,000
Creator: Tal Zilberman

Kids can learn to draw with FollowGrams, a smart projector that combines creativity and technology. The projector, from Flycatcher, projects pictures, letters, and numbers in step-by-step projections for kids to trace and learn. 

Designed for kids ages 5 and up, FollowGrams has a free app that connects to the projector with any smart device via Bluetooth. Kids can take a picture of virtually anything, and the app will transform that picture into a traceable image. The projector is also equipped with an internal micro-SD card stored with additional images kids can choose from. These digital images are broken down into steps for kids to trace one at a time to complete their drawing.

Future plans for content card expansions focus on educational content, including: spelling, programming basics, advanced drawings, and educational games.

Kickstarter donations range from $1 to $999 and prizes include FollowGrams smart projectors, early access to the app, content cards, such as “Jungle,” “Numbers,” “Sea Life,” and “Words,” and custom drawings. If the campaign reaches its $100,000 stretch goal, then contributors get three content cards plus stickers.

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