Toys are not just for kids. The entire family can enjoy unplugging from their devices and engaging in some old school playtime. Instituting a family game night with tabletop games is a great way to get the whole family in on the fun. Many of today’s board games offer quick-play versions, so even the busiest families can find time to gather ’round the table and play.
Lots of toy companies are introducing new versions of retro, allowing parents and grandparents to share their childhood experiences with the next generation. From building toys to arts and crafts sets, there are many options that will bring grandparents, parents, teens, and kids together to make memories this holiday season and all year round.

Pie Face Showdown (Hasbro)
Last year, Pie Face brought messy fun to families across the world. And now, it’s back and better than ever. Players go head-to-head and face off in Hasbro‘s epic new Pie Face Showdown Game. Players place their chins on the rest,and race to see who can hit their button the fastest, tug-of-war style. Players must push the button down faster to move the loaded arm closer to their opponent. Eventually, someone will end up with a face full of whipped cream. Put the fate back in your hands with this exciting new family game, perfect for kids and adults.
Ages: 5+
MSRP: $24.99

Lincoln Logs 100th Anniversary Tin (K’NEX)
Families can celebrate 100 years of Lincoln Logs with this nostalgic set from K’NEX, just like parents remember. Inspired by an original Lincoln Logs building idea, the 100th Anniversary Tin captures the true essence of the Lincoln Logs brand. It is made in the U.S. and includes 111 real-wood logs. It comes in a collectible tin, which makes for easy and quick clean-up once the building is done.
Ages: 3+
MSRP: $44.99

Strawberry Shortcake Classic Rag Dolls (The Bridge Direct)
Today’s moms have a “sweet” spot for Strawberry Shortcake and her sweetly scented pals, and the Strawberry Shortcake Classic Rag Doll Assortment, from The Bridge Direct, is sure to be loved by moms and kids alike. The assortment includes adorable reproductions of the original rag dolls from the 1980s. Each character has its own signature sweet scent. The assortment includes Strawberry, Lemon, and Raspberry (each sold separately).
Ages: 3+
MSRP: $19.99

Spirograph Shapes (Kahootz Toys)
Calling all aspiring artists! Parents loved creating amazing designs with Spirograph when they were kids, and now the whole family can make amazing designs with the Spirograph Shapes set, from Kahootz Toys. This kit includes 12 wheels with new shapes—such as hearts, stars, and teardrops—and three new Spirograph designs. The storage box comes with an organizer tray, three design markers, two 24-page drawing pads, and a complete set of new wheels and rings, which are compatible with other Original Spirograph sets.
Ages: 8+
MSRP: $24.99

NHL Hockey Arena (Playmobil)
Families can skate into action with their own game night hockey match with the NHL Hockey Arena, from Playmobil. Each of the four NHL players feature a movable arm and hockey stick for realistic game play. Each player simply pulls back the lever to swing the stick and fire the puck down the rink toward the opposing goal. Use the goalies to defend against offensive plays using the joystick to maneuver the goalies from side to side. Thanks to the included team decals, families can customize each player to represent their favorite NHL team. The set includes four NHL players (two per team), four hockey pucks, a game play rules booklet, player number decals, logo decals for all 30 NHL teams, and more. In addition to being fun for four players at once, there is a nostalgia factor, as game play is reminiscent of both knock hockey and Foosball.
Ages 5+
MSRP: $59.99