If you’re like me and get bored very easily, then I’ve got you covered for family game night. Consider your search for the perfect game over with Fluxx, from Looney Labs, the fast-paced, ever-changing game that you need in your life right now!

This game is for kids ages 8 and up and calls for two to six players. It all begins with one basic rule (draw one card, play one card), and gameplay changes every single time a player takes a turn. It’s unpredictability at its finest! What it takes to win Fluxx will even change often as the game goes on ?!!

The easiest way to get the hang of Fluxx is to first understand the five different types of cards and how you can play them. The Basic Rule card is the foundation of the game every single time. It is in play in the middle of the deck the whole game, and the rule is to “Draw 1, Play 1.” New Rule Cards let players modify the rules, including the basic rule. So, for example, a New Rule card can say, “Draw 5 Cards,” which means that players now draw five cards every turn, overriding the basic Draw 1 rule. New Rule cards mostly co-exist in the middle of the table, but if a New Rule card can override a previous rule card if they interfere with each other.

Keeper cards each feature a different illustration, ranging from a cookie to a rocketship and a brain to a TV set. These are the cards that you’ll want to strategically collect in front of you, and that’s when the Goal cards come in. Each Goal card features a combination of two Keeper cards, so to win the game, you must have the keeper cards in front of you that matches the Goal card in play. Lastly, Action cards are used once and then discarded. Players simply do whatever the card says, and then discard it.

Now, it’s time to play! The game begins with a clean slate every time with just the Basic Rule card on the table and three cards in each hand. As each player takes his or her turn, they will populate the table with new rules and goals. Changing goals will keep players on their toes, and action cards will shake things up every time.

As cards are drawn and played from the deck, the rules of the game change from how many cards are drawn, played or even how many cards you can hold at the end of your turn. Each round usually lasts anywhere from five to 30 minutes. As players add rules and change goals, the game will be different every time. It really feels like you’re playing a whole new game each time you play!

Sometimes Action cards can wreak absolute chaos on the game (like switching your deck with that of another player!), but other times it doesn’t change the game at all. Some Rule cards will make gameplay go by super fast, such as having to play ALL of your cards with each turn, and some will make it go on longer, such as the player next to you choosing at random only one card for you to play each turn. And, if you’re on your way to completing the goal, and the goal card changes, then you basically need to start all over again!

Fluxx is a simple, yet immersive card game that’s easy to take on the go and will make players want to play round after round!