Did you know hummingbirds flap their wings so fast—about 80 times per second—that their wings make a humming sound? Did you know that hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly backwards—and that they can fly upside down too? Hummingbirds are amazing little birds, and kids can have their own toy hummingbird with Flutter Friends, from Just Play.

Flutter Friends are colorful, glittery birds that interact with kids, and each other. They’re recommended for kids ages 5 and up, and they sing, eat, and flap their wings when kids play with them.

Kids can pet or tap them on the head or back to unlock more than 40 realistic hummingbird sounds and movements. Tap the Flutter Friends’ head once to let the chirping begin! Every tap activates different sounds and movements such as flapping wings.

Two taps on the back will help the Flutter Friends learn to fly, causing them to rapidly flap their wings, like a real hummingbird. Their wings are made of a flexible cloth material that has a pretty iridescent sparkle when they flutter. Flutter Friends can’t soar through the air on their own but kids can attach the birds to their fingers or onto the included flower feeder accessory—a colored flower on a branch—so that kids can use imaginative play to guide them as they flap.

Tap Flutter Friends three times on the back to unlock musical tweets. While kids don’t have to tap too hard, they should make sure to tap deliberately and firmly to make the reactions work properly.

To put them to sleep, kids can tap and hold their head for three seconds. There’s also an on/off switch on the bird’s belly.

IRL, hummingbirds eat a lot of flower nectar. Kids can feed their Flutter Friends by placing the beak inside the flower feeder. No need to hold their beak or head—they’ll feed on their own by making eating noises and flapping their wings. I’m pretty sure I even heard a burp when my Flutter Friend was finished eating.

Birds of a feather flock together, and Flutter Friends love to hang out with other Flutter Friends. When kids clap or snap their fingers, each Flutter Friend will flap its wings and tweet with the rest of the gang. They’re available in lots of different tropical colors so kids can collect a whole colorful flock of these interactive pets to call their own.