Don’t be a party pooper! Flush out some fun on game night, and take the plunge with the Flushin’ Frenzy, from Mattel.

In the game, players flush the handle on the pint size potty to roll the die. Depending on the number that comes up, (No. 2 anyone?) you have to plunge the toilet that number of times. After any given number of plunges, a fake feces is flung into the air.

Whoever captures the caca first, earns a token. However, if you swipe the soaring stool in air, you get two tokens. The player who ends up with the most tokens wins! This game can be big laughs for two to four players ages 5 and up.

Some parents should note that some children may have anxiety in anticipation of the turd toss. And however gross, parents will love the token storage in the toilet tank, and the ability to keep dung down when not in use.

The Flushin’ Frenzy parts easily separate for storage back into the product box, and no batteries are needed. So, it is easy fun when the kids feel the urge to go…back to playing a fun poop game.