Goal: $21,000
Funding Period: Until June 1
Stretch Goal: $50,000-$500,000
Creator: Maynard Toys

Can’t decide on what kind of fidget toy to get? FLIPPIT can give you the option of having all of them at once.

FLIPPIT is a Kickstarter product that combines many of today’s popular fidget toys into one compact device to satisfy any penchant for fidgeting. The toy boasts seven different types of fidget functionality.

The Rocker Switch can be operated silently and features ball-bearings for some satisfying recoil. The Worry Spheres provide smooth, thumb-contouring bumps for thumbs to roll over. The Click n’ Spin Wheels are two pairs of wheels—one that clicks and one that spins silently. The Large Clicker Sphere lets you roll around in search of a satisfying click. The Smooth Multi-Joystick can be pulled, pushed, rotated, and spun. The Infinity Track has a slider that allows thumbs to glide endlessly on a loop.

Of course, an all-in-one fidget toy wouldn’t be complete without a spinner. The FLIPPIT ERGO Spinner features the spinning, rotating action that is all the rage among kids today and is 50 percent lighter than standard tri-spinners. FLIPPIT Spinners can also be magnetically attached to other spinners.

The FLIPPIT toy and ERGO Spinner can be combined with a special magnetic wheel, creating an all-purpose fidgeting experience.

Kickstarter donations range from $5 to $989, and prizes include various numbers of FLIPPITS and FLIPPIT Spinners. Stretch goals include alternate colors and a Magic Key Job function.

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