Life is all about tough choices, and choosing just one toy in the toy store is easily the hardest thing in the world for most kids. But Jay at Play is making things a little bit easier with FlipaZoo, a line of two-in-one plush that gives kids two toys for the price of one.

Each FlipaZoo plush features a flippable body, so kids can just spin it around, hold on tight, give it a flip, and reveal a totally different plush pal. Combinations include husky to polar bear, giraffe to hippo, tiger to elephant, and cat to mouse.

All of the FlipaZoo characters feature mega fluffy bodies, perfect for a pillow at naptime or when families are on the go. The fur is incredibly soft and cozy, and the two small black eyes are the only hard pieces on the entire toy. Their endearing smiles will draw kids in, giving them a new BFF to snuggle and hug.JayAtPlay_Flipazoo_DragonUni
While most of the FlipaZoo plush represent real animals, there’s one fantastic combination that will delight fairytale lovers of all ages: the unicorn to dragon. The white-as-snow unicorn features a shock of pink yarn hair and tiny purple feet, while the green and purple spotted dragon has soft little horns, movable wings, and a ridge of spikes all down his back.

Kids can get bored with toys easily, especially with so many options on the shelves and with tablets and smartphones eating up more of kids’ time than ever, but FlipaZoo provides two different plush styles in one toy. If kids get tired of the turtle, they can flip it around into a hedgehog in one swift motion. FlipaZoo plushies also make for great storytelling tools, letting kids change characters with ease as they spin their creative tales.

FlipaZoo plush pillows are also available in jumbo versions and mini FlipZees. Kids can even stack all three sizes on top of each other for more flippin’ fun. With these innovative plush, kids can create a unique, topsy turvy animal kingdom all their own.