Ohhh…I wonder what the mystery animal could be? Also, what else could be inside that box? 😵

FlipaZoo, from Jay@Play, just did something flippin’ fanstastic. Besides gifting us with adorable, reversible, plushes, Jay@Play added a mystery element to its line, packed with a party in a box. Introducing: FlipaZoo Flip Box Surprise!

When you first get your hands on one of these bad boys, you’ll see a cute dog. It looks like your normal, adorable, happy pupper (with very soft fur, might I add). Just like a regular FlipaZoo plush, this new pal is actually two animals in one. But with this new Flip Box Surprise!, kids won’t know what the second animal is until they unbox it (re: rapidly tear it open and throw the cardboard on the floor).

Inside the box, kids will also find a blind bag packed with party decorations, such as confetti and a party hat, so that kids can celebrate the mystery reveal of their new friend. Also, there’s a super cute sticker sheet included and some other accessories. Oooh no,  have I said too much? Whoops.

The mystery animal is actually a mystery. When I discovered my new feller, he looked like some sort of  whimsical dinosaur hybrid species. Regardless, he was very cute and will be very loved. Kids will enjoy the juxtaposition of a regular looking dog to a wild magical party animal. If I had to compare this FlipaZoo to my life, I would say I’m the dog Monday to Friday, and the magical party animal on the weekend.

There are six fun FlipaZoo Flip Box Surprises! to collect and each one has a different mystery animal to fawn over. Which one will you unbox?

FYI these are BOGO on the FlipaZoo Flip Box website right now!