We’ve heard of reversible shirts, but now, get ready for… reversible dolls.

Flip Zee Girls, by Jay@Play, is a line of plush dolls that can be played with in two ways. Each doll comes packaged as a baby nestled in a bonnet and swaddle. Kids can choose from Zara Flower, Zabrina Ballerina, Zandy Candy, Zoey Bear, Zana Strawberry, and Zuri Cat. But, hmm, don’t you kind of want to see what she’ll be like when she grows up? You can’t really make out her facial features yet, as she is so young. Gurl, what are you really like? It’s time to FLIP ZEE GIRL and see. Flip from baby to… a big girl surprise!

The flip is actually really simple. Take off her bonnet, and BAM. Just look at her beautiful wild hair and freckles. Unfold her swaddle, and wow, she has legs and a gorgeous dress. She is now a big girl doll and has come to life. YASSS gurl shine, this is who you’re meant to be.

Flip Zee Girls are soft, loveable, huggable, and stylish. They each have a unique personality, and are unlike any other dolls I’ve seen. They’re  the perfect type of plush cutie, in baby or big girl form, for kids to sleep with, as they are just so cuddly. Flip Zee Girls also have Flip Zee Pets that are sold separately for more Flip Zee fun.

But if you grow nostalgic, missing when your Flip Zee Girl was just a wittle baby, don’t fret. You can just flip her back into baby form. Let’s just say she’s very flexible and always goes with the flow. That’s my type of doll.

Are you ready to FLIP ZEE GIRL and see what surprise is waiting?