Flidjit | Source: WeCool Toys/the Toy Insider

When will kids stop obsessing over fidget toys? When pigs fly!

Just when you thought you’d seen every bubble-popping fidget toy on the market, WeCool Toys went and changed the game with Flidjit, a fortune-telling fidget ball. 

Recommended for kids ages 6 and up, this novelty toy is shaped like a ball with 12 sides (a shape that is apparently called a dodecagon — who knew?!). Each side features a flat surface with a different message on it, all attached together by elastic. The ball — or dodecagon — is hollow in the middle, so kids can push down on it to flatten it, and let go to make it pop back into shape.

Source: WeCool Toys

The idea is to ask the Flidjit a yes or no question, squash it down hard onto a sturdy surface, and release to launch the Flidjit back up to reveal a response. Whatever the top surface says is the answer to your question. For example, kids can ask “Will I have homework this weekend?” or “Will my parents let me get a dog?” and the Flidjit might respond with “when pigs fly,” “not lookin’ good,” or “done deal!” It also makes a great tool for an indecisive person who needs someone to tell them what to do. Don’t know what to eat for dinner tonight? Ask the Flidjit if you should order pizza. “Nope!” How about Chipotle? “Unlikely.” Make yourself a salad? “Meh…” Panera Bread? “Yessss!” Broccoli cheddar bread bowl it is!

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In addition to its fantastic, fortune-telling abilities, the Flidjit makes a great fidget toy, too. Because it’s collapsible, kids can hold it in their hands and push down on the different surfaces to manipulate the shape, or squish down the entire Flidjit with their palm to watch it bounce back up with a springy motion. Like any great fidget toy, it’s addicting, calming, and satisfying to twiddle around with — an easy way to keep stress at bay.

Gone are the days of flipping a coin when you can let the Flidjit decide your destiny instead!