What kid doesn’t love a ball pit — especially one they can inflate right at home, such as the Fisher-Price Little People Barn Ball Pit, from Bestway?

The two-part inflatable set includes both a barn and a silo that take about 20 minutes to fully inflate, depending on the quality of your air pump (not included). Designed for kids ages 2-4, the barn holds up to 99 pounds and is large enough to fit three kids inside. It features colorful farm graphics, including a sheep and a horse, creating the perfect backdrop for imaginative and active play.

The ball pit includes 50 multicolored, plastic balls that kids can play with in the barn or drop down the silo’s open top. The barn has an open roof so parents can always keep an eye on their little ones, plus multiple entryways for kids to move around safely.

It’s not the easiest to disassemble unless parents want to take the time to inflate and deflate it every time kids want to play, so it does require a big play area. Kids can use it inside or in the backyard, and even if it gets dirty, the vinyl material is easy to wipe clean.

It’s also a great way to get kids up and active if parents are looking for an alternative to too much screen-time. With both a barn and a silo to play in, kids will stay entertained for hours.