Fish Feud, from Buffalo Games, is the fastest, fishiest, squishiest fish-feeding face-off ever to make it on dry land. Its bright, colorful, and interesting-looking characters came out of the ocean to play with kids ages 4 and up—and they sure do know how to have fun!

When kids unbox Fish Feud, they will find a big yellow puffer fish shaped like a doughnut with two stands to keep it upright, two launchers, and six squishy fish. Kids will instantly want to engage with the adorable bright pink or orange fishes shaped like pom-poms with bulging big eyes.

The object of this two-player game is simple: Use the launchers to send the squishy fish through the mouth of the big fish and onto the other player’s side. The first player with no squishy fish left on his or her side wins the game.  

Players must sit facing each other on opposing sides of the big yellow fish, placing their launchers at whatever angle or distance they choose, and get ready, set…go! Both players start launching their squishy fish at the same time, and will find themselves in fishy face-off frenzy as they frantically try to catapult their squishy fish through the board faster than their opponent.

Fish Feud may look like it’s as easy as 1-2-3, due to the cuteness level of the squishy fish and simple rules, but getting the fish through the big fish is slightly harder than kids may think. Players must stick to the rules, and as tempting as it may be, refrain from using their hands to toss the fish to the other side.

Kids will quickly discover that these vibrant little fish have a hidden talent—they can fly! The plastic launchers are deceivingly good at sending the fish soaring over the board in every direction.

Kids will have to think strategically and develop their own fish-launching techniques by finding the best angle and distance to place their catapults if they want to out-fish their opponent. This is where the real fun begins. Kids can let their imaginations run wild and get creative about all the different ways they can play the game. And, it’s challenging enough for adults to love playing, too.

Fish Feud has the ingredients for creating an endless number of possibilities and hours of fun. Parents may find that this game never makes it back into its box.