firetek-zyclone-2-1024x550Things just got a whole lot more twisted.

The Firetek Zyclone, from Zing Toys, is a new light-up ring blaster for kids ages 6 and up. The blaster, which includes one launcher and one fire-glow zing-ring, is perfect for wide-open play outdoors.

Zing’s Firetek Zyclone is certainly unique, putting a spin on blaster toys. Pull back spring compressor? Try two bungee cords and a handle. Foam darts? Try a large, doughnut-shaped ring. It’s not your run-of-the-mill launcher, that’s for sure.

To initiate zing-ring launch sequence, kids first load the aerodynamic foam loop onto the launcher. Next, young ones simply pull back on the handle, twist, and release to watch their sphere soar more than 100 feet. But never fear, it’s soft enough to catch or bounce off your homes’ siding without damage. The further back kids pull, the more tension they’ll generate and the further the ring will fly. What’s neat about this feature is that it allows kids to control the shooting distance, something they can’t do with traditional dart launchers.

The power trigger on the Zyclone’s handle doesn’t fire the ring, but it activates bright LED lights on the nose of the blaster, so kids can bring some light to the night when they’re ready to take aim in the dark. The zing-ring itself even lights up with the flip of a switch, making it fun for kids to watch spin through the air and easy for them to find it after launching.

When I first took a look at the Firetek Zyclone, my first thought was not how much fun kids will have launching it, but how much fun they will have catching it and creating new games to play with their friends. Since the ring is so large, kids can enjoy tracking it through the air and catching it in an open field or in their backyards. Think of it like a hollow frisbee, easily encouraging outdoor and active play.

The blasters’ bungee cords are UV sensitive, meaning that prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause them to deteriorate, so it’s important that kids bring their launchers inside when they’re done playing. Just one more reason for kids to clean up after themselves when playtime is over.

The Zing Firetek Zyclone is available exclusively at Target.