Fingerlings are one of the Toy Insider’s Hot 20 toys for the holidays. Considering the way they are jumping off the shelves, kids and parents alike agree on the marvelousness of these monkeys. However, if your child has special needs, you may get more than just giggles and laughs. The monkey also means business.

What are Fingerlings:

Fingerlings, by WowWee, are tiny tech monkeys meant to be worn on the finger. Each little monkey has cupped arms and legs forming a slot in which kids can place their finger. Fingerling monkeys also have a curled tail that forms another opening for kids to link their finger in. Plus, the Fingerling will cling tightly if turned upside down.

After kids secure their monkey pal on their fingers, they can turn their Fingerling on for some interactive play. Fingerlings render more than 40 realistic monkey sounds every time they feel movement and sometimes even without movement (these critters have a mind of their own). Kids can blow kisses at their monkey and Fingerlings will kiss back! Kids can also clap in front of their monkey, pet their head, and cradle their monkey to sleep. Fingerlings will react to everything, which is exactly why it can be a great therapeutic toy.

Fingerlings for Therapy:

Hang the Fingerling on a finger and ask the child to move his hand or arm for occupational therapy exercises. (Having the monkey on his or her finger makes the exercises exciting!) Use the Fingerling for fantastic fairy tales—the monkey noises and interactions can help a child create social stories and work on vocabulary. Ask the child to make a move and anticipate the Fingerlings reactions for a Monkey Say Monkey Do game, which can help learn cause and effect and executive functioning skills. Use one monkey or add a couple for a variety of training needs and uses.

A toy that is therapeutic can be a win win for therapists, caregivers and children alike! Play AND learning is as fun as a barrel of monkeys!