IT’S FINALLY HERE! Ellen DeGeneres, the voice of Dory from Finding Nemo, revealed the latest trailer of the much anticipated sequel on her show this morning. The first sneak peek debuted back in November and we have all the feels about the newest trailer.

This is first time we’re seeing real details of the movie. (Seriously. We couldn’t even demo the Bandai Finding Dory: My Friend Dory in New York a couple of weekends ago because the phrases Dory says would reveal too much about the movie. #Trust.) Dory learns that stingrays always know where to go back home because of their natural instincts, which propels her to go on a journey to find her family that she misses. Along the way, we see Crush and baby sea turtles riding a current (a favorite scene from Finding Nemo), meet an octopus named Hank and Beluga shark named Bailey, and see Dory returning to the Marine Biology Institute of California. Most importantly, we finally learn why and how Dory knows how to speak whale—thanks to an old friend, a whale shark named Destiny.

Finding Dory finds Marlin, Nemo, and Dory all living together on the same reef several months after Finding Nemo. Dory accompanies Nemo on a school field trip that triggers memories of her past and her family. The film follows the group’s trip to California to find Dory’s parents, with the majority of the film taking place at the Marine Biology Institute of California, where Dory was born and raised before being released into the wild at a young age. Ellen DeGeneres and Albert Brooks (who played Dory and Marlin, respectively, in the first film) will return to the voice cast, joined by Eugene Levy, Diane Keaton, and Ty Burrell.

This year, we’re going to see a lot of Finding Dory products hitting store shelves, including the Finding Dory Magic Picture Search from Spin Master, Bubble Blasters from Imperial Toy, Top Trumps from Cardinal Industries, play sets and Dory swimming robotic fish from Zuru, Squishy Pops from Tech 4 Kids, plush from Ty, and tons more!

Finding Dory will swim into theaters on June 17.

Watch the trailer below!