Finding Dory Robo Fish

If there’s one thing we took away from Finding Nemo, it was the mantra to “just keep swimming,” and that’s exactly what Zuru‘s Finding Dory Robo Fish toy line does best.

Coming out in just one short week, Finding Dory picks up several months after the original movie, and follows the original crew (Dory, Marlin, and Nemo) on their journey to California to find Dory’s parents. Kids will have a blast recreating their favorite scenes from the movie and making up their own adventures. If you’re unfamiliar with Robo Fish, they’re toy tech pets that come so close to being the real thing.

Characters Dory, Marlin, and Nemo are available to purchase separately. When kids submerge the swimming fish underwater, they begin to move just like an actual fish would. Each fish is powered by its tail, which works with sensors to will move back and forth at various speeds, allowing the fish to swim around its environment. Translation: The fish change the speed, direction, and even the depth at which they’re swimming! The fish are perfect for any bowl, tank, bath tub, swimming pool, and more.

The best part about the fish is that they’re so interactive and have similar qualities to real fish. So, they can pause in the middle of swimming (sometimes Dory forgets where she’s going), turn around, and dive deeper and deeper into the water. The fish know when they’re underwater or not, so they stop swimming when they’re removed from water. They also have a sleep feature, so kids can leave them in the water without having to worry about wasting the battery. And, with the simple tap of the tank, they will wake up!


Bailey is a brand-new character in Finding Dory, and he is a bit larger than the Dory, Marlin, and Nemo fish. Although he is too big for smaller bowls and tanks, Bailey’s chance to shine is in the pool and bathtubs. Bailey definitely has some weight to him and is heavier than the other fish, so I was skeptical about how he would swim compared to the others. But, he swims exactly the same as all of his friends. His tail is also a bit louder than the others, but only because he’s more powerful. Plus, he splashes and has a blowhole!

The attention to detail on the characters really impresses me, and each looks exactly like he or she does in the movie, down to every stripe, spot, and Nemo’s “bad fin.” According to my research (Google search), each fish is almost to scale of a medium-sized fish in real life, and this made me really happy because they look exactly like I thought they would if I reached into any TV screen and took them out. The only exception is Bailey, which if was made to scale, would not fit in any house. If kids complete the collection of Robo Fish, it will be the epitome of #squadgoals.


My favorite toy in this entire collection is the Coffee Pot Playset. I’m particularly excited about it because my investigative journalism skills tell me that this coffee pot has something to do with the movie, mostly because of is cameos in the Finding Dory trailers so far. There is also a two-block long billboard across the street from Penn Station in New York City dedicated to Hank the octopus (shout out to Hank) holding Dory in a coffee pot.

The set comes with a plastic coffee pot and a Dory Robo Fish, but kids can also put their Nemo and Marlin fish in there, too. The handle of the coffee pot also screws off to make it look like a normal fishbowl, so if kids can switch it up to provide a different vibe for their bowl. The Dory that comes with the coffee pot is different from the Dory as an individual character because she has a tag painted on her that says, “Transfer 3181.” I bet this also will become clear when the movie is out!

Nemo Track PLayset

Kids can also visit all the scenes from the movie with the Nemo Track Playset. They will play with Nemo, included in the play set, as he races through the track, and can add Marlin and Dory to recreate their underwater adventures. The track attaches to the board, which features other new characters in the movie such as Hank, Destiny the whale, otters, seals, starfish, and more!

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