MERMAID 1If you said you’d never thought about how cool it would be to be a mermaid , I’d call your bluff. Fin Fun is now making it possible for both kids and adults to swim like the mermaid they’ve always wished they could be with its Mermaid Tail and Monofin.

The Fin Fun Mermaid tails come in different colors, patterns, and textures, including some glittery options and even a rainbow style. Fans of Finding Dory will love the new clown fish- and blue tang-inspired mermaid tails, which are available June 15 for a limited time. Mermaids can complete the look with matching bathing suit tops and bottoms that come in different styles and colors. Both the tails and bathing suits are available in children’s and adult sizes and are machine washable.

Though the tail looks awesome on its own, the Monofin is what makes the mermaid magic happen. The fin slides right inside the mermaid tail, completing the mermaid look and making it possible for kids to swim just like the mythical creature. The fin is lightweight, so moving like a mermaid is easy and looks authentic. The Monofin is available in Monofin Jr and Monofin Pro. The Junior fits children’s Fin Fun Tails sizes 6 to 10 and has an easy “kick off and swim out” design. The Monofin Pro, for aspiring adult mermaids, fits sizes larger than a children’s 12. All Monofins are for strong swimmers, and Fin Fun recommends practicing the dolphin kick motion wearing only the tail for a while before adding the Monofin into the mix. Remember: Young mermaids should always swim with adult supervision.

MERMAID3In addition to the products themselves, Fin Fun is bringing the mermaid world to life with its Mermaidens website. The website features character descriptions for everyone in the mermaid world. Kids can get to know the characters and then buy their corresponding mermaid tails, like Crystal’s blue mermaid tail or Waverlee’s pink one. Each mermaid has a unique personality and hails from a different ocean or sea, so kids can learn about the different oceans around the world while getting to know the mermaids. The website also features stories about the Mermaidens, as well as fun hidden object and memory games.

Whether it’s engaging with Mermaidens online, or just indulging in a childhood wish to swim among the fishes IRL, Fin Fun is a great way to make all of kids’ mermaid dreams come true.